Monday, October 2, 2023

UK Newspaper: ‘Anti-Hate’ Activist Promotes Hamas Propaganda

News in BriefUK Newspaper: ‘Anti-Hate’ Activist Promotes Hamas Propaganda

A prominent newspaper in England has documented antisemitic comments on the Facebook account of an activist associated with an “anti-hate” organization headquartered in London. The London Telegraph reports:

A senior staff member of Stop Funding Hate, the organisation behind the advertising boycott of GB News [a conservative website], has defended Hamas and been accused of sharing “anti-Semitic” content online.

Amanda Morris, the community organiser for Stop Funding Hate (SFH), has been criticised for several social media posts, including one from 2021 promoting the phrase “#FromTheRiverToTheSea”, a well-known chant used by Hamas to call for the destruction of Israel.

A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “It is hard to square Amanda Morris’ history of comments, posts and associations with Stop Funding Hate’s philosophy of ‘open, inclusive and participatory campaigning’.”

The article does not report that Morris’ LinkedIn profile indicates that she is a parttime employee of the Muslim Council of Britain whose leaders have expressed support for Hamas, an organization with a long history of promoting Jew-hatred and calling for the destruction of Israel.

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