Monday, June 27, 2022

Terror Supporters and Child Abuse Enthusiasts to Benefit from Expanded Federal Program

The House Appropriations Committee published the draft of its 2023 Homeland Security funding bill on June 15, providing over $85 billion for the Department of Homeland Security and its various agencies. The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a leading U.S. Islamist umbrella organization, has...

Exclusive: Oberlin’s Iranian Prof Boasted of His Utility to Tehran

When students return to Oberlin College in Ohio in early September, some of them will be taking classes from religion professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, who has been accused of helping to cover up a mass-murder while serving as a diplomat for the Islamic Republic...

Massachusetts Politicians Enable Boston’s Islamists

In May, Boston’s progressivist Mayor, Michelle Wu, appointed Yusufi Vali as her Deputy Chief of Staff. Vali is the former head of the Islamic...

France’s Islamist Challenge: A Top Issue for French Intellectuals

On October 16, 2020, French schoolteacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by an Islamist zealot after showing Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the prophet Muhammad to his class....

UK Regulators: Promoting Death for Apostates Not OK

The U.K.’s Charity Commission shut down the Islamic Research Foundation International (IRFI) on April 26 for alleged violations of British charitable law. The foundation was cited for funding Peace TV, an Islamist news channel that...

Activists to Highlight Oberlin Professor’s Islamism in Graduation Protest

A group of Iranian-American human rights activists and their allies will be protesting at Oberlin College’s graduation ceremony in Ohio on Sunday, June 5 to draw attention to the alleged complicity of religion professor Mohammad...

Islam: a 1400-year-old faith that includes a great range of sects and movements.


Islamism: a century-old utopian political ideology that seeks to return to past glories by imposing medieval religious laws.

How Abortion Divides American Islamists

“Progressive” imams and activists in the United States have found themselves in a delicate position in the last few weeks. As the intra-Muslim debate on abortion renews, they have been harshly criticized by their traditionalist rivals in America (and England) who accuse them of...

Interview: Radical preacher Daniel Haqiqatjou on “Islam vs. Liberalism”

The following is a transcript of an interview of Daniel Haqiqatjou, founder of Muslim Skeptic conducted by Islamist Watch Director Sam Westrop on May 27, 2022. Sam Westrop: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Middle East Forum's regular webinar series. I'm joined today by...

Islamists Do Not speak for British Muslims 

Listening to Islamists, you’d think that they are about ready to pack their bags and leave for a utopian Caliphate. Well, some of them did and joined the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, only to find it was not what they’d hoped for....

The Economics of American Islam

The first extensive look at the finances and structures of American Islamic nonprofit institutions reveals several key new understandings about both Islam and Islamism in the West. American Islam is a multi-billion dollar industry, whose wealth is disproportionally concentrated in the hands of Arab and South Asian Islamists tied...

A Guide to Lawful Islamism in the United States

Over the past two decades, commentary and investigations by media, academia and political organizations on the subject of Islamism in the United States have focused disproportionately on jihadist networks. This focus has mostly left lawful Islamist movements free to flourish quietly, despite posing a grave, long term threat of...

Undercover Reporting Necessary to Counter Threats to Democracy, Islamism Included

Undercover reporting is a crucial element of public journalism in the United States and has been for years. In 1877, the New York World...

Why “The Lady of Heaven” Movie Has Rattled the UK: The Producer Explains

In June, Britain was rocked by Islamist anger about a new movie telling the story of Fatima, the daughter of Islam’s prophet Muhammad. In response...

American Journalists Avert their Eyes from Islamism

Adalberto Toledo, a reporter at the News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois, refused to do his job. He didn’t want to tell his readers about the...

A Texan Pastor’s Shameful Love Affair with Islamism

Bob Roberts, a prominent Evangelical Pastor from Keller, Texas, just can’t help himself. He just loves to ingratiate himself with Islamists to show everyone...

Connecticut Congressional Candidate Bankrolled by Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supporters

Muad Hrezi, Connecticut’s 27-year-old longshot candidate for U.S. Congress, is concerned about campaign finance. “The game has been rigged,” he proclaimed when he kicked...

Minnesota Politicians Join with Sex Slavery Advocate

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison are scheduled to attend a conference in Baltimore this weekend featuring talks by Islamists...

Brazil’s Leaders Hope Ignoring Islamism Will Make It Go Away

For a country that has suffered from Islamic terrorism and confronts a well-documented problem with drug dealers doing business with a jihadi organization, Hezbollah,...

Judge Finds Sufficient Evidence Linking AMP to Hamas Supporters for Lawsuit to Proceed

A federal judge in Chicago on Tuesday allowed a lawsuit to proceed that claims the anti-Israel group American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is really a continuation of a...

Don’t Fund Jihad, Even by Accident

Americans have long understood the need for the separation of church and state, even if the line has gotten blurred over the years. Now...

Kashmiri Jihadist’s Guilty Plea Puts His Western Backers in Spotlight

Yasin Malik, the leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), championed by South Asian Islamists in the West, pleaded guilty before a...

Counter-Islamist Feeds

At least a dozen Islamist groups with established terror ties and long-held extremist ideals have received federal funding from the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP). @SamWestrop takes an in-depth look.
J.M. Phelps: Evangelicals who seek #interfaith dialogue with Muslims must “vet the people they are engaging with.” Engagement with #Islamists is “detrimental to those seeking reform and a moderate version of the Muslim faith.”
Leading British Islamist Waheed Alam has been banned from “taking part in the management of an independent school” for engaging in conduct “aimed at undermining the fundamental British value of individual liberty.”
Oussama Jammal, head of the Muslim American Society (MAS) and U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), urging Muslim Americans to go to the ballot box: "This is our jihad, our weapon is our vote. That is what we are going to fight with."
. @WasiqUK: “Islamists want to speak for British Muslims and be the gatekeepers between them and everyone else. This should be resisted at every opportunity. What concerns Islamists clearly does not concern the vast majority of Muslims living in Britain.”
. @WasiqUK: “If you want to get a real picture of what life is like in Britain for Muslims, ask them, not the Islamists who claim to speak for them.” A recent poll show a majority think their lives are improving.
The Obvious Answer to Dana Milbank's Question
Iran Descends into Outright Piracy and Confrontation with the West
Recent Nakba Protest Showcases Raw Hatred and False Narratives
American Islamists Push Blasphemy Narrative in India's Prophet Controversy
Iranian "Aeroterror" Flights Reborn in Latin America
UK Theater Chain Pulls Movie After Muslims Protest
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“On any other day but 9-11!?”

Biden admin makes a boneheaded choice of 9-11-21 to vacate Afghanistan. We hand Islamists the narrative for the day they chose. Also, the story on Hassan Shibly, another CAIR predator.
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“Lessons from an Iranian Prison”

@DrZuhdiJasser looks at the latest data on Islamist terror threats in the West. Also why we should cheer UK Supreme Court ruling on Shamima Begun’s citizenship.
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“Countering Islamist Supremacy: Europe on the Brink”

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