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Oregon Islamist Declares War on the ‘LGBT Monster’

NewsOregon Islamist Declares War on the ‘LGBT Monster’

A lawyer from Portland, Oregon has established a new group called “Shariah Defense” to protect the rights of Muslims in the United States from attacks by what he calls the “LGBT Monster.” The attorney, Yunus Paisner, describes the new organization as the Islamic equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) founded to protect Jews from violence and oppression in the early 20th century.

For those of you who don’t know anything but ‘LGBT’ being this monster, inshallah, it’s something that will come and then will go.

Oregon Attorney Yunus Paisner

“The Jews, they had an organization [that] would go to court … and sue people who would attack the Jews and accuse them of things they didn’t do,” Paisner said to activists present at the ILM Conference in Aurora, Colo., in late November when he announced the existence of his group.

Yunus Paisner, founder of Shariah Defense, explained how his organization will defend Muslims from oppression and “Islamophobia” in the American courts during a November presentation at the ILM Conference in Aurora, Colo. (YouTube screenshot.)

The main threat to the Muslim community in the United States is activists from the “LGBT-XYZ” community in “blue” or liberal states and cities, Paisner said. Officials in these blue zones govern at the behest of these activists, Paisner said, and “pass laws that essentially harass the people, particularly the Muslims.” Paisner spoke about the threat “LGBT-XYZ” activists present to Muslims in the United States at the ILM Conference organized by Karim Abu Zaid, an Egyptian-born Salafist who praised the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan in 2021. Shariah Defense’s website is under construction and Paisner, its founder, has not been particularly visible on the Islamist scene in the United States. Still, Paisner has made it clear that he is intent on assailing the American “LBGT-XYZ” community with Abu Zaid’s support.

“For those of you who don’t know anything but ‘LGBT’ being this monster, inshallah, it’s something that will come and then will go,” he said.

In addition to acting as the legal arm for the Authentic ILM Mission, the group that organized the conference where Paisner unveiled his plans, Shariah Defense will supplant Muslim organizations that have surrendered to and even support “LGBT-XYZ” activism in the United States, Paisner said. These groups, he said, fail to offer an organized defense of the rights of Muslims to practice their faith in the United States, but instead, encourage Muslims to stay silent, fit in and practice a watered-down version of Islam, Paisner said.

“They surrender to the liberal agenda, never mind combatting it,” he said. “Some of them support anti-Shariah rhetoric, and they strongly promote democracy […] something that is not compatible with Shariah,” he lamented.

Yunus Paisner offers a “Legal History of Sodomy” in the United States while unveiling his newly-founded group, Shariah Defense, at a conference in Aurora, Colo., in early November 2022. (YouTube screenshot.)

While Paisner condemned liberalism in general, he focused intently on the issue of homosexuality.

“The whole LGBT-XYZ never-ending thing — this is part of their agenda,” Paisner said. “Let’s talk about what this is really about, which is sodomy.”

Paisner condemned the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling that anti-sodomy laws were unconstitutional. Taking a page from Texas-based hardline Islamist Daniel Haqiqatjou, Paisner highlighted the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade  in 2022, stating that if it could reverse itself on abortion, it could reverse itself on homosexuality.

“It’s very possible that […] same-sex marriage and other things could also be ruled out, Inshallah,” he said, adding that Muslims need to resist the “LGBT” agenda.

“And then, inshallah, our agenda, which is Allah’s agenda […], will be predominant, [and] will overcome this thing,” he said.

Paisner spoke briefly about the organization’s proposed methodology to achieving its goals, declaring it will “attempt to protect our Shariah Rights” by “receiving accommodations through the legal system,” he said.

The attorney also condemned the West’s insistence on combatting extremism. “If you look at it, there’s no such thing as extremism. Our position as Muslims is that they’re the extremists!” he said.

Ahnaf Kalam is an independent journalist and a regular contributor to Focus on Western Islamism.

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