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Muqtedar Khan Responds to FWI’s ISNA Coverage

Opinion & InterviewLetters to the EditorMuqtedar Khan Responds to FWI's ISNA Coverage

Muqtedar Khan has responded to” Exclusive: State Department Distances Itself from ISNA’s Islamist Agenda, Homeland Security Stays Quiet,” published on September22, 2022.

To the Editor:

I was misquoted and misinterpreted. I was citing verse 16:90 as God saying to Muslims that justice is not enough. I was actually being critical of the Caliphate projects which claim that they need to implement sharia in the pursuit of justice. The point I was making was that God has commanded ihsan with justice, that justice is not enough for God. Therefore, it is important for us to pay attention to ihsan and my book on ihsan is trying to fill that gap. My comment that was critical of the Caliphate project was presented as though I thought the Caliphate was inevitable. In the past, I presented work arguing that the caliphate was not inevitable and that Muslims rejected the system long ago.

Muqtedar Khan


Department of Political Science and International Relations

University of Delaware

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