Saturday, November 26, 2022

Tag: Canada

A Conservative-Islamist Alliance

Part 1: Trouble in Dearborn In October, Muslim protestors descended on successive meetings of the Dearborn Public Schools board, to demand the removal of “LGBTQ”...

Terry Glavin: The Liberals are funding hate. How else to describe the speakers at this Toronto convention?

Homosexuality is filthy, and homosexual acts warrant the death penalty. Christian Arabs who protect Jews from murderers are traitors. A man should be permitted...

Canadian Islamists Claim ‘Islamophobia’ to Avoid Legal Scrutiny

An Islamist organization in Canada has charged the agency auditing its charitable practices of engaging in “systemic Islamophobia.” Officials responsible for the ongoing investigation...

Qatar Finances Canadian Islamism

Leaked documents confirm that a number of Canadian-based Islamic organizations have been receiving financial support directly from a major Qatar regime organization for over...

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